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Re: ITP/LFS : gtktilink and d4x

Julien BLACHE <j.blache@rmcnet.fr> writes:

> Hello,
> I've packaged these two softwares for Debian, I hope they aren't
> already included in the distribution :
> * d4x [2] : Downloader for X (aka nt, WebDownloader) is a download
> queue like GetRight or Go!Zilla for Windows. It supports both FTP and
> HTTP protocols. It is written in C++, the GUI uses GTK+. It is not
> released under the GPL (you can redistribute modified code only with
> agreement of the upstream author), so it must go to the non-free
> section. This software is really nice, even if it is not GPL. ;o)
Ever heard about darxite? It seems provide exactly the functionality
you describe here. Its GPL, AFAIK, and has command line and GUI (wich
are not too stable yet) tools associated with it.

Andreas Rottmann (Dru@ICQ, 54523380@ICQ)
Pfeilgasse 4-6/725, A-1080 Wien, Austria, Europe
[one of 78,35% Austrians who didn´t vote for Haider!]

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