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ITP: ttcn-el (programming modes for protocol test)


I am right now packaging three Emacs programming modes, I
wrote between 1997 and last week: ttcn3.el, ttcn.el, and
tm.el.  These are for the TTCN-3 core language, the current
TTCN.MP language (version 2), and the Test Manager language
(an Forth enhancement of the Tektronix K1297 protocol
tester).  So, it's all related to protocol testing.  I'll
release this under GPL, of course.

Section: editors
Priority: optional
Package: ttcn-el
Architecture: all
Depends: emacsen
Description: GNU Emacs modes for TTCN-3/protocol testing languages.

W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>

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