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Re: New shmfs and Debian

** On Apr 05, Jason Gunthorpe scribbled:

> > internals in a way that a few programs may find useful, but that are no
> Actually, QNX has had this for years. It is virtually necessary to
> implement the POSIX shm API. QNX however puts it under /dev/..
Which on linux can cause problems with devfs.

> There is talk on the kernel list that this file system might not even need
> to be mounted based on some new patches. I think we should hold off untill
> 2.4 is releases to see what it will really look like.
Hmm... how easy would it be to add support for shmfs to an already released
Potato? Maybe we should take some preliminary steps - like, i.e., a script
that will mount the fs _only_ if necessary? If it turns out shmfs won't be
mountable, then the script is easily removed by an upgrade, if not - it
works OOB.


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