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ITP/LFS : gtktilink and d4x


I've packaged these two softwares for Debian, I hope they aren't
already included in the distribution :

* gtktilink [1] : a program that made possible to transfer files between
a Texas Instrument calculator and a computer running Linux (it may runs
on other archs/unices, but it has only been tested on Linux/i386). It
is written in C, the GUI uses GTK+. It is released under the GPL.

* d4x [2] : Downloader for X (aka nt, WebDownloader) is a download
queue like GetRight or Go!Zilla for Windows. It supports both FTP and
HTTP protocols. It is written in C++, the GUI uses GTK+. It is not
released under the GPL (you can redistribute modified code only with
agreement of the upstream author), so it must go to the non-free
section. This software is really nice, even if it is not GPL. ;o)

I'm not a Debian Developer yet, so I'm looking for a sponsor. If
someone would like to sponsor me, don't forget to take a look to the
sponsorship web page.[3]
The packages are available here [4] for those who want to take a look
at them. Using apt-get :
deb http://www.lccom.org/~jblache/download/debian/ unstable main non-free
deb-src http://www.lccom.org/~jblache/download/debian unstable main non-free

I also plan to package the GNOME applet which goes with d4x, but I
would like someone to help me, because it is a bit complicated, and
I'm not sure of some stuff related to the FHS...

Here's a description of the Gnome applet :

* d4x-gnome-applet [5] : it permits to monitor the progress of the
current downloads without having the d4x window on the desktop, and
some other stuffs, like launching d4x, managing the queue, etc... It is
written in C, and released under the GPL, contrary to d4x.

Thanks :-)

Regards, JB.

[1] http://gtktilink.ticalc.org/
[2] http://www.krasu.ru/soft/chuchelo/ (the site can be very
[3] http://www.internatif.org/bortzmeyer/debian/sponsor/
[4] http://www.lccom.org/~jblache/download/debian/ (it is a Debian
[5] http://www.krasu.ru/soft/chuchelo/

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open doorway with an open mind.
                -- E.B. White

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