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Re: new port: debian-win32. when ?

Ionutz Borcoman writes:
 > I have recently start to play with cygwin and friends. For the moment I
 > haven't compile much, but I'm still trying. My final goal is to compile
 > vdk (one of my packages) under Win32 :)
 > Looking on the cygnus site I have seen the rpm for Win32. There are also
 > perl5, automake, autoconf and betas for XFree. What about a new port of
 > debian, for Win32, using the Cygwin ?

Julian Gilbey writes:
 > On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 07:55:09AM +0000, Ionutz Borcoman wrote:
 > [Porting Debian to Win32]
 > 2. Debian will not provide a distribution to run on a non-free OS when
 >    there are free OSes available.  We've discussed this before; check
 >    the archives.

That's true for the Debian project.  But a 3rd party may choose to use
Debian as a base to a cygwin port.  Indeed I was already suggested

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