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[no subject] "keyboard: unknown e1 escape sequence" Re: "md" question: RAID partitions lack device nodes "mirror" The "proper" way to do TrueType fonts in Debian? "unsubscribe" $netstat -a 'cannot download pppoeconf' with Woody ISOs (going OT)Re: Has anyone used the debian CD , which comes oreilly book (no subject) (samba) nmbd local address used for broadcast messages (Woody, XFree 4) remote x fails with tcpdump message 'cannot access xdmcp port' Re: (Woody, XFree 4) remote x fails with tcpdump message 'cannot accessxdmcp port' Re: * Newbie and scan attack *****SPAM***** DAILY REQS!!! 04/05/02 *****SPAM***** Melt the Heart of your Valentine with this beautiful Screen saver *****SPAM***** Return Receipt (displayed) - 网站编辑:您好 *****SPAM***** 电脑配件.数码产品.移动电话(价格表) *****SPAM***** 激情生活,随时拥有!! # 230 .bashrc goofiness. .config file for kernel? /dev/cdrom owners /dev/fd/3 not found during upgrade to kernel-image-2.4.18-k7 (2.4.18-4) Re: /dev/loop: how many is the limit? Which kernel parameter to alter? /dev/loop: how many is the limit? Which kernel parameter to alter? /var/lib nuked! Is recovery possible? 100dpi vs 75dpi 2 apt questions about the mirror archives Re: 2 disros 2 distros 2 pam problems: xdm & cron 2.2.20 -> 2.4.18 kernel-image -> X hangs machine 2.4.17 kernel for debian 2.4.18 - No SCSI subsystem 2.4.19-pre-5 not working 25756 segmentation fault /usr/bin/dumpkeys 3 nic and routing 3nics and routing... 4/14/2002 Woody hangs init 1 and reboot of hernel nfs 8" display on a 14" screen 802.11b ◇二手电脑市场 <<冰箱空调省电器>>招商 Not read: 网站编辑:您好 Read: 网站编辑:您好 请免费试用我们的邮件搜集/群发套件 RE: Read: ÍøÕ¾±à¼­:ÄúºÃ Re[2]: Read: ÍøÕ¾±à¼­:ÄúºÃ Re: [±¤°í]debian-user´Ô ¾È³çÇϽʴϱî? Re: [±¤°í]debian-user´Ô ¾È³çÇϽʴϱî? [off-topic] Re: [atualizacoes-anuncio] [CLA-2002:474] Anúncio de Segurança do Conectiva Linux - ethereal Nem olvasta: ÍřŐľ±ŕĽ­:ÄúşĂ Not read: ÍøÕ¾±à¼­:ÄúºÃ Niet gelezen: ÍøÕ¾±à¼­:ÄúºÃ Read: ÍøÕ¾±à¼­:ÄúºÃ Re: [2002-04-30] Release Status Update [ iBook 600MHz] [Drivers for pca20tv video card] Re: ricerca [exim] failed to open database lock file... [Fwd: Command Line Listing?] [Fwd: Q's on backup to CD-R] Re: [Fwd: Q's on backup to CD-R] - fun stuff [Fwd: Re: apt-cache] [Fwd: Re: Internet Crashes] [Fwd: Re: KDE, baud, and configuration] [Fwd: Re: Setup x-windows] [headed OT] Re: scripting [Heading OT] Re: Wrong characters in man pages [HELP] RAID chunk-size Re: [HELP] RAID chunk-size - alternatives [HELP] RAID5 IN DEBIAN Re: [linux-audio-user] sequencers in Debian Woody [OT] Asus A7M266 motherboard and Debian [OT] DFSG-free DVD writing software [OT] Gnome icon usage on a web page [OT] Proper gcc -march for Athlon/Duron CPU? [OT] Re: Internet Crashes [OT] Re: The latest round of antivirus bouncebacks [Question] Harddisk Error!!! Re: [Question] Harddisk Error!!! - damage Re: [solved] newly installed "addressbook" problem [SOLVED] Re: Problems upgrading Python in Sid [SOLVED] Re: Unix(LF) files to MSDOS(CRLF) and vice versa [update] Re: CUPS: now pdf files don't print Re: [Users] [OT] Gnome icon usage on a web page [WARNING] Broken libxml2 2.4.19-2 in unstable Abiword font problem Re: accented characters in linux/Debian? acroread Adding kernel modules after install Adventures with ATI Rage 128 Pro and Debian Unstable Re: Advice on wysiwyg editor afterstep aide debian Allow a user to shutdown Re: Allow a user to shutdown SOLVED Allow root to telnet alpha-release of a bug-report & some questions ALSA problems Also from Algorithm genius Alt as Meta Alt as Meta Key in Emacs21 and XFree Alternate size display with ls -l? Alternative to DEBIAN-CD alternative to tarballs alternative web browser to netscape Am I running an open relay? RE: Am I running an open relay? - testing Am I the only one having gnom-utils problems! Amavis - can't connect to daemon amazon search with konqueror shortcuts amd Annoying Mcast Packets Another question about the VIA AC97 sound device. Anti-aliased fonts in Mozilla 0.9.9 Antigen found HTML.MimeExploit (CA(Vet)) virus Antigen found HTML/MimeExploit.IFRAME (CA(InoculateIT)) virus Antigen found VBS/Haptime.A@mm (Norman,Sophos) virus Anyone know of a good debian mailing list? Anyone tried out the plex86 Debian packages to install Windows 2000? Anyone using Jabber on Woody Apache && Apache + mod_ssl Apache 1.3.22 packages Apache and mod_ssl Apache bandwidth usage stats by virtual host? apache proxy problems apache+mod_ssl/woody how-to/faq? Apache, mod_ssl, virtual hosts apache-ssl on Sparc 2 4/75 apache/php...feeling like an idiot apm apt apt did not install The last update was on 09:49 GMT Sun Mar 17. There are 5242 messages. Page 1 of 11.

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