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3 nic and routing


I am trying to setup a linux (debian potato, kernel
2.2.19) box as a firewall . I have 3 nics on it.

First one( connected to my cisco
router. 2rd card (eth1) to internal lan with pvt ips. 
Third(eth2) ( one to a hub which
connects to my machines with public ips (my dmz).my
dmz has  proxy/mail/web servers.

I am able to ping to router access net from the
firewall but able to ping even the router
( from other machines connected
to eth1 or eth2. From all machines, I can ping all
cards in the firewall.

This is route output:

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags
Metric Ref   Use Iface UG   
0      0  0 eth2 *      U    
0      0  0 eth2 UG   
0      0   0 eth0  *      U    
0      0    0 eth0   UG   
0      0   0 eth1   *        U    
0      0   0 eth1
default         UG   
0      0   0 eth0

For example, if I try to traceroute to, it reaches the correct card in the
firewall but from there it times out. (no ipchain
rules running right now).

Any suggestions ?


Suresh Kumar R.
Assistant Professor
Dept of Electronics & Communication
College of Engineering, 
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 016, INDIA
Email : sureshkumar@ieee.org
Phone : 91-471-515660/515653/595634

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