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RE: apt-cache again!

Yes but if you've made a mistake how do you say "no that's not what I meant"
after you've already said yes

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"Satelle, StevenX" <stevenx.satelle@intel.com> wrote on 29/04/2002 (12:37) :
> Ok I'll give you an example (this happened over the weekend). I'm
> a package using dselect. It comes up with a dependency list,  I click ok
> then go to install. I then realise that the deps I clicked ok to are
> basically  asking to uninstall the whole system. Obviously this is a
> so I click on no to the prompt, exit dselect, relaunch and it still wants
> remove all the packages. The best I can manage is to close dselect, re-run
> apt-get update and relaunch. Then If I choose install it doesn't install
> anything which is fine. But if I go into the package listing and then
> enter it gives me the same original depency listing where it wants to
> all the packages. That is what I am looking for, how to clear dselects
> memory

You do that by installing this package it needs. What dselect is telling
you is that if you don't want this package then I have to remove all the
other packages. 

But before you du press the Update in dselect.


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