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Re: apt did not install

On Sunday 28 April 2002 04:07 pm, Ted Goodridge, Jr wrote:
> Apt is nowhere on my hard drive... find / -name apt doesn't find an
> executable.


first off, it's generally considered not only impolite but also unproductive 
to reply off-list to issues raised on the list. in general, unless you get a 
request for a cc: response, respond only to the list, not to the addresss of 
anyone who responds. while some people don't care, a whole lot of us do. if 
i'm posting to the list, it means i'm reading the list, so the cc: is wholly 
redundant, and, in fact, it's just an irritation.

second, since you're obviously new to debian, make it a habit to first check 
out the archives or use google to locate similar problems to whatever is 
giving you trouble at the time. this advice here will spare you a whole lot 
of nasty responses to info requests on simple issues. debian is by far the 
best linux distro available on the planet, but best does not by any means 
imply simple or easy. you really need to do your own homework first, using 
such tools as the archives, and use the list only for those times when you 
are absolutely stumped, after having made every effort you can to otherwise 
find the information you need.

third, you should adjust the search command to search for apt*, and read the 
man pages for what you find there.

none of this is intended as a discouragement of your interest in 
debian--rather the opposite. people will help, but not if it's clear that 
you're not willing to make the effort to learn.


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