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Re: accented characters in linux/Debian?

> I will have to use some accented characters, along with some 'enye's
> in my documents in Spanish.  Does anyone know how to quickly get
> these characters, possibly through a keystroke toggle or some such? 
> (I use Abiword/OpenOffice right now).  Thanks!

I've both console and X configured to work with an es_ES keymap and 
keyboard. Abiword works well just as any other KDE application, but I 
could not get OpenOffice to work properly.
Both ñÑ and çÇ work OK but the accents don't work. Given that it seems 
to be a problem with OpenOffice, I guess asking in some OO-specific 
mailing list should yield more answers. I haven't tried it myself yet 
but it's likely I'll need to do it soon. I'll keep you informed.

Daniel Toffetti     ---     'There is no spoon...' - The Matrix

Running the bleeding edge Debian Sid version 3.0
Linux luni 2.4.13 #1 SMP Sun Oct 28 18:30:53 ART 2001 i686 unknown

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