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Re: #17414: /usr/include/asm empty? 2 versions of netcat about policy manuals (was Re: dpkg-genchanges failing - why?) action of dh_installmenu adduser in hamm dumps core ! adopting xspread afbackup now nearly GPL-ed [ Re: libc/430: getservbyname (name, NULL) not working] Re: Alpha problems... Am I missing somthing _realy_ easy?? Announce: Yet Another Text Editor (Yate) Anybody tried to compile COAS ? Anybody working on the amanda-package? Anyone using dhelp with netscape? Anyone working on new lyx version? Anyone working on new rxvt version? apsfilter or magicfilter AucTeX Re: AucTeX/flpr Re: autmake & debian? autmake & debian? (was: Re: cron jobs more often than daily) Autocompilation of Packages auto-pgp *-* auto-upgrade from rex to hamm Autoupgrade kit needs testing. autoupgrade script autoup notes autoup script v0.16 autoup script v0.17 AXP dist available somewhere ? Re: Bleeding edge FTP repository updated to glibc2 + egcs. bloated wtmp boot disks boot-floppies progress bo-unstable bo-unstable 'menu' seems to affect at least xlock programs bo-updates bo-updates coordination bo-updates progress bo-updates - tcl troubles braille rescue disk Broken smail config Re: Bug#16409: acknowledged by developer (libdb2 is not DFSG-free.) Re: Bug#16663: lyx: depends on xforms0 Re: Bug#16718: kon2: should be Architecture: i386 Bug#16727: project: xload is no longer available. Re: Bug#16976: grmonitor: depends on glut3g when package is called glutg3 Re: Bug#17107: ae: Some (important) function keys don't work in an xterm Re: Bug#17137: fbset doesn't compile Re: Bug#17225: Integrating main, "non-us" ftp site Re: Bug#17333: ssh: ssh-agent security vulnerability Re: Bug#17458: fidogate: binary-arch tries to chown to a non-existent user Re: Bug#17458: fidogate: binary-arch tries to chown to a non-existent user Fwd: Bug reports in debian bug system. Bug Statistics Bug system changed BugTraq [was: Re: ICQJava] calendar for 1998 Can I divert update-rc.d cannot access bug tracking database "Cathedral and Bazzar" meeting with Silicon Valley CEO's Checklist request Compaq is Buying Digital compiling kernels (was: debian-devel-digest Digest V98 #69) [comp.os.linux.development.apps] RPM/DPKG for Commercial Use? Confusion over device major:minor numbering... Consens for `Filename: ' in Packages file? content negotiation for language in web pages copyright question Copyright question: GPL patches for non-GPL packages Creating a Squeak Package cron jobs more often than daily crontabs + m4 = ? custom bo problems Custom library for emacs 19.34 ? debain DEB Files debhelper design change - RFC (long) Debian Re: debian 2.0 - any dates? Debian 2.0: Checklist automated Debian 2.0 release requirements Debian and memory debian and sparc... Re: Debian and the millenium bug debian-devel archives? Re: debian-devel-digest Digest V98 #69 Re: Debian: dhelp priority standard? Debian logo license still not resolved Debian Release Roadmap Debian's machines and net access Debian's PCMCIA support is weak and buggy debian-user FAQ: your help is needed! Re: Debian & Win95 files... && FAT32 Re: Dependencies Dependency and priority mismatches Deselect problems. Developer in Atlanta or Phoenix? Developers in Seattle, WA Development man pages problem... Re: Device files dftp (was: please upgrade your packages to current standards) Re: dhelp 0.2 - a online help system Re: dhelp and doc-base (was Re: [Fwd: dhelp support?]) dialog Different versions for different architectures Re: Dinner with Ian Jackson in S.F. Saturday dld, bo-unstable progress doc-base 0.1 released dpkg2html? dpkg-ftp for testing (Was: Preparing dpkg-genchanges failing - why? dpkg-shlibdeps on a bo system dpkg's version comparison algorithm? driver for Epson Stylus 300 Dropping my packages dwww Missing-in-action dynamically linked libraries [was Re: Debian 2.0 release requirements] Re: elvis: uses /var/tmp/vi.recover instead of /var/preserve Re: Emacs20 and mail file locking. Emacs 20 package nearing completion. Emacs 20 ready, and movemail ported to use liblockfile. The last update was on 19:47 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1883 messages. Page 1 of 4.

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