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Re: calendar for 1998

If these dates were originally calculated from a program in Debian, their's
a couple of bugs for these jewish calander dates. see comments below

>I have a few questions about dates for this forthcoming year I hope
>the list will be able to help with.  I'm looking for the date that the
>following events happen this year, or (better) how to calculate it.
>Any other information gratefully accepted.
>calendar.holiday: 05/26* First Day of Shavuot??

nope, start's the evening of May 30, so really May 31.  It's the day the
Torah (bible) was given.

>calendar.judaic: 04/30* Yom HaAtzmaut (Israel Independence Day) - this
>  date is almost certainly wrong.

It's correct.  Even takes into account that it should be friday, but in .il
no government (i.e. non religous) holidays on friday, so one day earlier.

>calendar.judaic: 05/13* Lag Ba`omer (Commemoration of the Great Rebellion)??

starts 13 at night, but 14.  It's covers a bunch of things.

>calendar.judaic: 05/22* Yom Yerushalayim (Reunification of Jerusalem)??

The 24.  Though a big debate if it should be considered a "jewish" holiday.
I won't comment. :)

>calendar.judaic: 05/31* Shavuos (Festival of Weeks; 50 days after
>  Pesach; sabbatical)  Should "Shavuos" be spelt "Shauvot"?

Shavous=Shavuot. Depends on how you pronounce the last letter of the hebrew
word.  correct here, see above.

>calendar.judaic: 07/10*	Fast of Shiv'a Asar B'Tammuz (Romans breach
>  Wall of Jerusalem; fast day)

The 11, but we don't fast for it on the sabbath, so the fast is pushed off
till sunday, but the day is still Shiv's Asar B'tammuz (the 17 day of
tammuz) or more famously known as 4 days after my birthday. :)

>calendar.judaic: 07/31*	Fast of Tish'a B'Av (Babylon/Rome destroys
>  Holy Temple; fast day)

Should be the evening of the 31 to the first, but we don't fast on the
sabbath for it (only Yom Kippur we do that.) so it's the evening of the
first to the 2. Tisha B'av is still the ninth of av.

>calendar.judaic: 10/12* Shmini Atzeres/Simchas Torah (Rejoicing of the
>  Law; sabbatical)

correct in .il (actually evening of 11 till 12) but in chutz La'eretz (i.e.
everywhere but .il)  Shmini Atzeres is that day, and Simchas Torah is the
next day, so it would start the evening of the 12, and go till the 13.

>calendar.judaic: 12/14* First Day of Chanukah -- is this the same as
>  "Hanukkah"

Yes, english doesn't have a sound that matches with the first letter of
channukah in hebrew, think of an h, but gutteral.  again, we'd light the
first candle the evening of the 13, but the first full day is the 14.

>calendar.judaic: 12/27* Fast of Asara B'Tevet (Babylonians put siege
>  on Jerusalem; fast day)
>    -- Basically, I have no information on the Judaic calendar.

I think the 29, but I'm not sure.  It's the 10 of Tevet, or Teves, depending
on how you pronounce that last letter :)  



Hebrew Transliterations, got to love the differences.

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