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Re: afbackup now nearly GPL-ed

On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Albert Fluegel wrote:

> Hi !
> Just in case you are interested:
> afbackup is actually under unstable and non-free.
> I don't comment the first term here ;-) but the
> non-free is not true actually. It's nearly completely
> GPL-ed. See:

nearly GPL-ed is not good enough! The copyright file shipping within
afbackup (2.6-1) reads:


Distributing afbackup on any media together with the Debian
Linux Distribution is allowed without any restriction as long
as no special additional charge is put on it except for copying
efforts. The effort for copying the software or manufacturing
the media may be priced in any way and is not covered by this
license. Nobody may charge anybody else for the afbackup-soft-
ware itself. The software has to be shipped together with the
Debian Linux Distribution but needs not to be on the same media
as the Linux operating system or another part of it.

The last sentence makes it "non-free" (in the sense of the DFSG).

In case this copyright has been changed now (I didn't check out the URLs
you mentioned) then please file a bug report against afbackup.



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