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Re: adduser in hamm dumps core !

Oleg Krivosheev <kriol@fnal.gov> writes:
> have all hamm system and just found that
> adduser dumps core independently of
> any given input.

Hi Oleg!

Does this include when it is given no input, as in:

  # adduser
  adduser: I need a name to add.

If so, then it will be easier for people to test it without actually
adding users.

Anyhow, I have an all hamm system (up to date against my mirror as of
24 hours ago, giving me adduser version 3.8) and in response to your
query I ran "adduser <new_user_name>", answered the questions, and it

adduser is a perl script, and bug#17393 reports perl segfaulting and
dumping core on a simple script.  Whereas Vitaly Belostotsky provided
a four line script which does this consistently, I have a couple
hundred line script which does this much more sporadically and is
highly dependent on its input data (and is even sensitive to print
statements that I added for debugging purposes).  Since adduser reads
system information, it could be that the data it gets from your system
is just right to trigger this bug.

I bumped the severity of bug#17393 up to important yesterday.

Kirk Hilliard

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