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Re: Debian's machines and net access

On Fri, Jan 16, 1998 at 05:53:10PM -0500, James A.Treacy wrote:
> As many of you have noted, access to va.debian.org leaves a little
> to be desired (intentional understatement). Having only set it up
> as www.debian.org about a month ago I'd like to see it moved to
> another machine with a better connection.
> Instead of rushing into moving it like last time (out of one frying
> pan and into another), it would be a good idea to first decide
> what Debian needs and then work towards that goal.

Okay, clearly I need to read this list more (grin).  I've been somewhat
reluctant to go and complain too much to the isp...but I guess I'll have to
change that.

So, let's come up with a "benchmark" for access times to the machine.  Then
someone can run a little program somewhere on the internet and e-mail me
each time the access time becomes too slow; I can collate this information,
and we can get more bandwith.

Anyone know what the benchmark should be?  Maybe we need a minimum benchmark
that it can never get under, and then another benchmark that va.debian.org
should be performing at over 80% of the time?


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