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[kooij@mpn.cp.philips.com: Bug#17545: sendfile: sendfile modifies /etc/profile which is owned by bash]


I've received the

> Package: sendfile
> Version: 1.6-3
> $ dpkg -S /etc/profile
> bash: /etc/profile
> $ tail -1 /etc/profile 
> /usr/bin/check-sendfile
> The postinst and postrm "manually" change /etc/profile, this is against policy.
> The postinst also writes to /etc/services, which is owned by netbase. 
> Perhaps in this case you should contact the netbase maintainer to have him add
> the necessary entries to /etc/services.

I don't know how to deal with this?

We don't have /etc/profile.d like there was on the iConnect master.
There is no other way to add this programm at the moment.

Concerning /etc/services.  We don't have a mechanism for adding
entries to it.  As this service wasn't present at the first
released /etc/services file packages may not depend on its
presence - this means that it has to be added manually.  So
what to do?

If this should be discussed in debian-policy please forward it



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