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Different versions for different architectures

	In some architectures, we need different upstream versions of
a few packages; for example: for Sparc (and probably powerpc), we need
a newer glibc that the one in hamm.  And we need an older libc5 :)

	The problem is that we cannot have different versions of a
source package in the distribution, so we ar currently using different
source package names for this.

	For example: glibc version 2.0.6 is in
and glibc version 2.0.91 (for Sparc) is in
``debian/hamm/hamm/source/libs/glibc-sparc_2.0.91-980111*''.  Both
source packages produce the same binaries (libc6, libc6-dev, etc).

	A similar thing happens with ``libc'' (version 5.4.38) and
``libc-sparc'' (version 5.3.12).

	Does anyone have a better solution for this?

	Does anyone think it could cause problems with, for example,
the Bug Tracking System?  I think it could, because the binary
package `libc6' is now produced by two source packages, which have
different maintainers.  But I can't find a better solution for this.

	Any help is welcomed :)

Juan Cespedes

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