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Re: crontabs + m4 = ?

On Wed, 14 Jan 1998, Steve Greenland wrote:

> Except that causing cron to read files from /etc/cron.d is easy (much
> easier than causing them all to pass through m4, because of the way
> the cron code is structured), incompatible only to the extent that the
> sysadmin needs to look in /etc/cron.d for additional files, and most
> importantly, it's done. :-)

Disadvantage: What happens, if you decide to deinstall 25 packages with
cron-scripts? This will result in 25 files in /etc/cron.d, which are only
scanning for its <pkgname>-cronjob. What about making the
/etc/cron.d-files executables, so they go away when you decide to
deinstall the package.

Disadvantage of this: You can't change the period in which the cronjob
will be executed. This change will get lost on deinstall of the package.


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