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Re: Bug#16409: acknowledged by developer (libdb2 is not DFSG-free.)

On Thu, Jan 29, 1998 at 05:08:23PM +0100, jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote:
> The text which was suspect to me was
> :and DB may be freely redistributed and used under most non-commercial
> :conditions.
> in the copyright file.
> As such, I suspect it is a comment or explanation (a confusing one though).

yes, it's their reply to my request of clarification for the license
terms. I suspect that it is due to the common belief that a "commercial"
license "must" be restrictive, something that Netscape (as well as
Oracle and Olivetti) are showing as non-automatically-true.

I also suspect that Bostic and Co. wants "commercial" people think that
they "have" to buy a commercial license from them to use db2 in a
commercial program :-)

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