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Re: Debian's PCMCIA support is weak and buggy

On 28 Jan 1998, John Goerzen wrote:

> Hi,
> I just got a new IBM thinkpad yesterday, along with a Linksys Combo
> PCMCIA ethercard (NE2000-compat).

Congrats ;-)

<horror story cut>
> In all, it took several hours of work by a competant hacker (me <g>)
> but a novice would probably not be able to get it working.

I'm looking forward to the challange ;-)

On a more serious note I must second John's opinion about the PC-card
situation in the various incarnations of Debian. I would further venture
to add that it might be a sensible move to have a few debian-developers
take a good look at the special needs of the laptop-linux community. 
APM-utils/X settings for LCD panels/PC-card stuff on the hardware side and
'peculiarities' on the software side such as wanting to install _onto_ an
external 2Gb SCSI unit connected to your PCMCIA port. Which bootfloppy
takes care of that then !?!

Linux is a viable option for laptops, but getting your shleptop 
configured isn't for the uninitiated. It would be a real feather in 
Debian's cap to come 'ready-to-run-on-laptops'(tm). 

avi bercovich

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