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Re: Copyright question: GPL patches for non-GPL packages

if you want to mix gpl'ed software with other software, that other
software's licence may not conflict with the gpl.

for example, you can mix software with bsd style licencens (or x window
licence) with GPL'ed software, becuase these two licences do not
conflict. the mix will be under GPL'ed.

note : this does not only apply to source code, also to libraries.
if a programm is run, you have a task which consists of the program
binary itself and all loaded libraries and loaded modules. the GPL had
to apply to all of them (except the operating system libraries - that's
an explizit exception).

i'm sure with the libraries, but not with modules. for example the linux
kernel is gpl'ed, but isn't there a commercial sound module ?

if you don't believe me with the libraries : go and ask rms.

always keep in mind : gpl is not a nice licence. gpl is a licence with
maximum restrictions to keep free software free, on all costs.

example: this is allowed
bsd + gpl, artistic + gpl, public domain + gpl, ...

example : this is not allowed
motic + gpl, qt + gpl, ...

>The question is: is it safe to apply GPL patches to non-GPL packages? 

it is not allowed, if the non-gpl'ed packages licence clashes with gpl.
(e.g. you have to pay something, or you may not redistribute changed
 code, or ...).

i guess the answer in your case is : no.


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