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autoup script v0.16

yet another version.  changes are:

v0.16 1998-01-27 (Craig Sanders)
  - really added localebin to remove list.
  - defined $DATE variable.
  - moved the changelong into a separate file

available from:

This message will be the LAST ANNOUNCEMENT of new versions i post.  The
latest version will always be available from the URLs above.  please check
that you have the latest version before you use the script. 

it will also be available from http://csanders.vicnet.net.au/autoup ,
along with my own autoup.tar.gz file containing all the files needed by
the script.  I don't have the tar.gz on www.taz.net.au because i've only
got a 28.8k connection to the net here at home.

this is my machine at work which doesn't have anywhere near enough
memory so i tend to kill off apache and other stuff when it swaps too
much.  I should be getting another 64MB for it in a day or two :-)


craig sanders

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