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Re: Confusion over device major:minor numbering...

>A different type of the same class of confusion stems from:
>	8:16 is used by both /dev/sda16 and /dev/sdb

oh. either something went wrong, or your makedev is very old :
makedev (1.6-17) unstable; urgency=low

  * close bug 6541 (missing audio device) : not reproduceable 
  * generate random and urandom, if missing (bug #12134)
  * enabled makedev to create more sg* and sr* devices (bug #12158)
  * changed doubletalkt to dtlk as requested
  * sd[a-h]16 removed (bug, sda16 = sdb, scsi only supports 15

 -- Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@debian.org>  Sun, 17 Aug 1997 19:19:33 +0200
in the postinst still is :
for A in sda16 sdb16 sdc16 sdd16 sde16 sdf16 sdg16 sdh16 \
         ada16 adb16 adc16 add16 ade16 adf16 adg16 adh16
        test -e /dev/$A && rm /dev/$A


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