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Re: Debian 2.0 release requirements

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> Please note, that we are not talking about `dynamically linked binaries'
> (which has been implemented a long time ago) but about `shared libraries
> being linked dynamically against other libraries', that is, if you, say,
> build the libmysql.so shared library, this requires linked against libc of
> course, which can be done either statically (libc code is included in
> libmysql.so too) or dynamically.

I dont know why it should be like that. AFAIK there is no need to include
any libc code in the library either statically or dynamically, the program
which is linked to the library will be linked to libc anyway, so there
wont be any missing symbols. The dynamic linking against  libc in this
case helps ldso to find the correct libraries to link against the program.  
( program bar linked to libfoo.so and libc.so.6, there is one libfoo.so
which is linked to libc.so.5 and one which is linked to libc.so.6.... ldso
can choose the correct one.


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