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Re: cron jobs more often than daily

Steve Greenland wrote:
> Is filtering out files named '*.dpkg-*' sufficient?

It's sufficient, but IMHO the correct way to do it is to duplicate the set
of filename that run-parts ingores, namely:

       Filenames  should  consist
       entirely of upper and lower case letters,  digits,  under­
       scores  and  hyphens.   Directories  and  files with other
       names will be silently ignored.

> Correct? Someone
> else suggested putting the actual files in /etc/cron.something,
> with links only in /etc/cron.d (and presumably, by extension,
> /etc/cron.{daily,weekly,monthly}). 

That was me, and it would of course be an alternate solution. It's IMHO too
complicated, though.

> Hmmm, are the files in cron.daily et.
> al. conffiles? How do they deal with *.dpkg-old files?

They use run-parts.

see shy jo

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