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Re: Consens for `Filename: ' in Packages file?

Stable is going to be a bit different for bo because of the freezing
of contrib and non-free.  Don't worry about its slightly nonstandard
Packages files.  The canonical way of accessing the distributions is
through the dists subdirectiory.

I'd prefer it if the non-US site did something similiar.  The symlinks
	dists/unstable/non-US ->
	dists/stable/non-US ->
should point to the appropriate place.  Combining a non-US and US
mirror would then be very natural.

The Filename in the Packages file should give the full path relative
to the archive's root, the same place as the dists directory is found.
Whether the Filename actually starts with 'dists/' is not as
important, though it would be nice for aesthetics.


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