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autoup notes

I think autoup needs to be cast as either a debian package (with
appropriate dependencies -- presumably it could fork itself into the
background and wait for dselect to go away before using the terminal --
I don't know what to do about the auto-logout after dselect on a freshly
installed system though. Perhaps use a temporary copy of /bin/open to
grab the terminal if it gets hung up) or as something which can rely
only on what's present in the base packages. Perhaps both.

I put hamm on a couple of old '486s, and found that the current
disk set is a bo disk set.  Ok, excellent time to try autoup...

But, autoup doesn't know how to interact with any of dselect's
methods, and it wants ncftp to retrieve from a mirror.  Er..
and for some reason, I can't find ncurses3.0 on hamm, but
autoup wants it.  And, stormcrow is rather slow -- downloading
autoup.tar.gz hung and timed out on me, so now I'm trying
a different approach.

Oh, one other thing, I saw an error message about /usr/bin/awk
no such file or directory fly by between de-installing timezone
and installing ldso.

Very nice concept, though.


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