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Debian's machines and net access

As many of you have noted, access to va.debian.org leaves a little
to be desired (intentional understatement). Having only set it up
as www.debian.org about a month ago I'd like to see it moved to
another machine with a better connection.

Instead of rushing into moving it like last time (out of one frying
pan and into another), it would be a good idea to first decide
what Debian needs and then work towards that goal.

As a starting point:

 - www.debian.org needs 300M of disk space and good connectivity.
   Except for the access problem, there have been fewer headaches
   since this came under our control.
 - primary mirror machine. All other mirrors would be from here.
   Needs 4+GB of disk space and good connectivity. Could be the
   same as www.debian.org if the connection is good enough
 - master. Needs low latency, gobs of disk space and decent
   connectivity. It is well served where it is now.
 - development machine(s). Machines of each architecture that can
   be used for doing development work.
 - mail list server. Don't really know much about these.
 - lots of mirrors. We're doing quite well here.
 - anything else?

Machines we currently have:
 - master.debian.org
 - va.debian.org
 - ?

Is there a way we can better use what we have?
If not, what other resources should we be looking for?

- Jay

Plan for the future. Live in the present. But remember the past.

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