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[no subject] "Can't open display" problems "Cannot find debian/rules! Are you in source code tree?" - ERROR "ldconfig not found in PATH" "testing" & 24.2 kernel = mtx problems #! syntax #!/usr/bin/tclsh not working 'nslookup', 'traceroute' in debian Re: (and) partitioning 45 gig HD (linux)how do allow pings (and stuff) (no subject) *.gz Re: *.gz (thanks) - Re: - (OT) Re: --rpath, egcs/gcc ?? .deb creation .deb install .diff files .procmailrc multiple actions .xinitrc or .Xsession is not being read! .轉寄: 國際電話只要4元 900MHZ無線電話 sony夜視v8 復國者2900 /dev/ttyS0 permissions changing... /proc/devices lists '188 usb/ttys/%d', choking MAKEDEV 1/2 fixed Re: Looking for missing pamlibs.... 2 simple questions 2.000.000 neue Besucher fr Ihre Internetseite + Handylogos... 2.4 kernel 2.4.1 install successful - what's up with modconf? 2.4.1 kernel 2.4.1 kernel and Debian 2nd try - Faxgetty, MGetty and data calls 2nd try, what is my problem with apt-get? 3c59x.o: init_module: Device or resource busy 3c905/network problems 3COM & TEAC 3com 3c90x install 3dfx owners: Anyone here lose keyboard/mouse focus? 40 gig drives? 404 errors and html file names with "&" and "+" in them RE: : napster Re: 教えてください ***PROMOÇÃO*** SuSE Linux Oficial e Outros... necesito información sobre Hurd Re: çeviri-teknik destek Re: 2.000.000 neue Besucher für Ihre Internetseite + Handylogos... [2]Question about php3+GD [ANNOUNCE] automatic perl module building from CPAN [ broken since 2.1beta1 and beta2] [FIXED] Re: WINDOW MANAGER [Fwd: Dual Monitors] [Fwd: Help !] [Fwd: Libqt2 requirement does not get fullfilled: unstable] (missing qt2) Re: [GENERAL] Re: the data is BACK! but... SOLVED! [Howto?]invoking fetchmail upon ppp connection... [ X can't find font 'fixed' and I'm going nuts!] Re: [OT2]: UUCP [OT] CVSSearch: A new search tool for code [OT] Grub [ot] grub with 2 hard disks (was [OT] Grub) [OT] IMAP/Maildir with Gnus [OT] mutt colors vs. TERM types [OT] perl regex problem [OT] Re: WYSIWYG HTML Editor [OT] Slashdot article Re: [OT] Template Toolkit [OT] the linux anatomy poster [OT] tuning kernel memory usage [OT] What is he talking about ? - debian and kernel headers [OT]: UUCP RE: [OT]: UUCP : sidenote - terrorism etc. [OT]about NIKE, kind of in the debian/linux spirit. [OT]Can someone help me understand these mail headers? Re: [PLUG] postfix going wild - fixed [q] apt-get source .. [Q] How to remove a broken package Re: [Q] How to remove a broken package(SOLVED) [ ] [slightly OT] solution for pnp module problems [SOLVED] Re: devfsd error [solved]Re: dependency problem with dpk [ Bug ?] Re: a2ps margin About Diammond Homefree wireless Access to the Audiodevice as user Access-like interface for psql/mysql DB Adaptec ANA-62044 driver? adding user to dip group doesn't work adduser vs useradd Advice on HD partitioning afs client AFS/Heimdal/Debian after 'su -', 'Can't open display' Alerte GRUB (fwd) alien/perl All /var/lib/dpkg/status* files corrupt, how to recover? Allowing cgi in user's home directories w/ apache Almost there! ALSA & 2.4.1 kernel ALSA & missing symbols Alsa and 2.4.x on woody [was Re: Any gotchas with kernel 2.4.x and Debian?] alsa sound alsa-source and linux 2.4.1: compile error (woody)? alsaplayer Am I ready for the big Woody? AMD and 2.2r2; ncr53c406a; Re: AMD k7 AMD, Cyrix and 2.2r don't mix Re: AMD, Cyrix and 2.2r don't mix; ncr53c406a; annoying modules.dep message another quick question Anoying error message (potato) Anoying flash in vi Antwort: 2.4.1 kernel and Debian Antwort: Can't send email from machine configured for DHCP [Virus checked by dvs Leipzig] [Virus checked by dvs Leipzig] Re: Antwort: Can't send email from machine configured for DHCP [Virus checked by dvs Leipzig] [Virus checked by dvs Leipzig] Antwort: Potato and kernel 2.4 Antwort: Re: GRUB - LILO Antwort: Re: Urgent : Linux Certification Antwort: Rebooting is foolish .... Re: Antwort: Rebooting is NOT foolish .... Any experience with new NVIDIA drivers? Re: Any experience with new NVIDIA drivers? -- SOLVED!! Any gotchas with kernel 2.4.x and Debian? any one running sips ( anybody else having loopback problems? Anyone gotten Wine to work? Re: Anyone gotten WINE to work? AnyOne know of a comprehensive tool for managing fonts? anyone played with amanda? aolserver/openacs package dependency problem Re: Apache manual Apache Virtual Host Apache Virtual Host. apache with php4-imap support apache-ssl broken in potato? Apache.deb vs apache-ssl.deb Re: apache/php + apxs? Re: apache: AddDefaultCharsetName "invalid command" APIC error apm --suspend: 4 beeps from motherboard application for website offline viewing apsfilter prints multiple copies Re: apt & source.list Apt cache file corrupt?? apt error Apt with cd-rom and ftp apt-cache and search apt-get (shellutils on hurd) apt-get and dpkg woes apt-get config for woody apt-get dist-upgrade = broken/unremoveable packages apt-get mystery apt-get package listing question apt-get question apt-get source old? apt-get strangeness apt-get stuck Re: apt-get stuck SOLVED apt-get tricks apt-get upgrade apt-get via firewall apt-get wants to remove gnucash!? apt-get, dpkg, sources lists and other exciting entities apt-get.. apt-get/dpkg uninstall fail apt-get: 93 Protocol error apt-getting KDE 2.1 breaks startx apt-getting xfree86 4 under potato apt-question apt-search problem Re: are apt/sources.list http: and ftp: same? Are you guys sure about that? The last update was on 07:01 GMT Wed May 29. 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