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On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Susumu Takuwa wrote:

> UB> That will sort out their problems, as well
> UB> as ours. I am still  receiving  mail  from
> UB> them.
> OK, I will try explaining to them again.

All we need is the *full headers* from the message. Our server uses VERP,
the address he is subscribed with is sent to him in the envelope sender.

For instance, the message I just got has this header:

Return-path: <bounce-debian-user=jgg=wakko.deltatee.com@lists.debian.org>

Notice that my email address is encoded in the return path.

If you send me that information I will personally unsubscribe him. (in
fact, he could do it himself, just mail all the messages he is getting now
to that address rather than to sender)


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