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2.4.1 kernel and Debian

Tonite I'm going to install a fresh Debian on my Computer and then Upgrade to the 2.4.1 kernel.  First of all, wish me luck.  Next, can anyone give me a status on some of the problems that I will be facing.  I've also heard that 2.4.1 compiles better on unstable rather that stable.  Is this true?  Shoud I use unstable?  To give more info on the machine, it is a clone, AMD Thunderbird 800mhz, 128 meg of ram, 7gig IDE HD, Sound Blaster sound card, Nvida TNT2 w/16 meg, Voodoo2, 2 USB, 3C905B-TX nic.  I also plan on installing KDE 2.0, I've also heard of problems with KDE 2.0 and 2.4.1, can anyone comment on this?
Also any sugestions on the install would be greatly accepted, for instance, should I use the Sound Blaster modual or should I use ALSA?

Thanks for any help


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