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Re: ALSA & missing symbols

I'm running ALSA with 2.2.18-pre21, so I'm also curious to know what the problems are with this kernel (that's directed at the poster who said there were problems).

A few weeks ago I posted my experiences getting ALSA running--it was a bit of an adventure. When I checked there were no packages you could just download and install to get ALSA running: all the prebuilt ones were for very old versions of of the kernel.

I think the issue is that for ALSA to work certain drivers need to be off (or at least not compiled into the kernel), and these are in the stock debian kernels. At any rate, I had to drop back to rebuild the kernel from source and then build the alsa modules. There is supposed to be a way to build the modules and the kernel in one go, but I always had to build the new kernel, start it, and then build the modules. I think I was getting the modules linked against the old kernel otherwise.

Probably there are slicker ways of doing it!

At 02:21 PM 2/4/01 -0600, you wrote:
If I use a kernel-image package and the corresponding alsa-modules
package for 2.2.18 or 2.2.18-pre21 in unstable, I get a load of
missing symbols.

Are these out of sync, or is this indicative of something else amiss
on my system?

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