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Re: Advice on HD partitioning

"Rick Commo" <Rick.Commo@verizon.net> writes:

> Goal:	Gain experience with two different distros yet maintain a "usable"
> machine under both of these distros.
> Plan:	Install a 20GB hard disk and partition it as shown below:

          -- Detailed partition layout snipped --

     You should have no problem with this setup.  I have a similar
setup, except it is spread over three hard drives, and the partition
sizes are quite different.  I have a Woody partition, a Potato
partition, backup partitions for each, a /local partition that is
symlinked to my home directory, and a large /usr/local partition,
primarily for building my packages.  I also have a DOS 6.22 partition
and an WIN95 partition.

     I can boot into any of these partitions using GRUB, and my home
and /usr/local are mounted in any of the Linux partitions.
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