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[slightly OT] solution for pnp module problems

Just though I would pass this info along, in case it might help someone.
I use the cs4232 OSS sound module to drive my PnP onboard sound card.  The 
driver specifically supports PnP.  When I switched to the 2.4.2 kernel from
2.2.18, I noticed that I could no longer insmod cs4232 - it said "no such
device".  After some poking around on the kernel list, I found that this was
because I had enabled the ISA PnP feature in the kernel, as well as
standard PnP.  Apparently the kernel was grabbing the card before the sound
driver had a chance to.  Recompiling and leaving out ISA PnP support from
the kernel fixed my problems.

Anyway, if you have a similar problem with this or other modules supporting
PnP, give this a shot.  HTH -


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