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Re: Any experience with new NVIDIA drivers?

On Sun, Feb 04, 2001 at 08:01:20PM -0600, Dr. Aldo Medina wrote:
> I'm using a Gigabyte 6XOM7E-1 Mobo with a Creative Labs Graphics Blaster
> Riva TNT. Debian 2.2r2 testing. I just installed the nvidia 0.9-6 from

XFree86 >=4.01 is required. Has it made it in testing? Otherwise you
have to update.

> libGLU.so, so I deleted the libMesaGLU symlink. No success. Any ideas?

There is a good mini-HowTo about installing the nvidia driver, look at

Some things you didn't write about:

Does the kernel module NVdriver load porperly? (insmod NVdriver)
Have you changed Driver from "nv" to "nvidia" in section Device in
In Section Module is Load "glx" enabled?


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