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[OT] What is he talking about ? - debian and kernel headers

I just read an article at -
about apt-get.  The article was all right for the most part but at the end
of the article is a link -
Discuss this article in the LinuxWorld.com forums

Within the forum is a posting entitled -
Debian ---- not a good choice!!!

Here is a <snip> -
The fundamental problem with Debian is the way they ship their kernel
headers.  The /usr/include/linux and /usr/include/asm never point 
to the running kernel's source headers but to the headers 
Debian compiled the entire system with. 

For example if you are running Debian (potato) your /usr/include/linux
and  /usr/include/asm contain the files for Linux 2.2.16 and let's say you
are running Linux 2.4.2 on this, if you try and compile any thing 
kernel dependant, you're going to get a bunch of undefines - 
try compiling any device driver on Debian!.

Please say NO to Debian. 

Could someone knowledgable about such things explain this to me?  
Makes me curious.  Maybe I should be compiling my kernels without

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