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RE: 3com 3c90x install

hold yr horses, i would be really sursprised if this card would not work
can't you refer to any error's you get ?

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From: Ron Peterson [mailto:rpeterso@mtholyoke.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 4:48 PM
To: John Kuhn
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Subject: Re: 3com 3c90x install

I lied.  Well, I didn't look closely enough.  It's a 3c905cx-txm. 
Anyway, I tried the 3c59x module first, actually, but it didn't work. 
Now I'm not even sure the 3com provided driver will work.  I might just
put in a different card...

Still wouldn't mind knowing how the third-party module install thing
works, just to satify my curiousity, though.


John Kuhn wrote:
> You don't need to compile this driver from source.  During the 'Configure
> Device Driver Modules' load the '3c59x' module.  Yes, the current 3c59x
> module does work with the 3c905c-tx.  I used the 3com source driver
> with older versions of the 2.2.x kernels, but it is not needed for
> 2.2.18pre21.
> John
> On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 09:59:40AM -0500, Ron Peterson wrote:
> > I'm trying to do a network install of debian on a computer which has a
> > 3com 3c905c-tx network card.  3com kindly provides GNU licenced source
> > code for this card on their website.  I succesfully compiled the module
> > on another debian system, and put it on a floppy, in directory
> > /lib/modules/2.2.18pre21/.  I inserted this floppy when appropriate
> > during the 'Configure Device Driver Modules' portion of the
> > installation.
> >
> > However, no network interfaces are found.  I imagine I need to pass some
> > kernel or insmod parameters for the specified module.  Where/How do I do
> > this?

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