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Re: About Diammond Homefree wireless

Dietmar Schultz wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 07:04:26PM -0600, Dr. Aldo Medina wrote:
> > I'm planning to buy one of this equipments for my two computers at home.
> > I know there is some driver that let's you use them as tty. However, I
> > was wondering if anybody has any experience with this equipment, and if
> > it would be possible to use some kind of program that would let me
> > translate this "tty" for something like PPP or  IPX, so I could make a
> > little network. TIA.
> It's a evil hack and crappy hardware. A friend had tried this cards
> and was very unhapy with them. Shurely they are cheap and they may
> work somehow, but the headache isn't worth the money you'd save.
> --
> Bye,
> Dietmar
> --

Thanks. I believe I'll invest in common NICs

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