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Re: AMD, Cyrix and 2.2r don't mix

On Saturday, February 03, 2001 at 21:56:28 (-0800), Nick wrote:
> Hello list,
> I recently downloaded the CD image of potato, officially called '2.2r'

That is not a correct Debian release version number. The "r" denotes a
Point-Release. 2.2r2 is current.

> I tried an install on an AMD 1.1 TB Socket A w/ 768 mb ram, Asus AV7
> motherboard I got a kernel panic halt, then it completely freezes up,
> ctl-alt-del don't even work.
> Last week I tried to install the same 2.2r, but for a different media,
> onto a Compaq Presario w/ a Cyrix CPU, same thing, kernel halt then it
> spits out is junk a mile long.
> I have installed this version successfully, just not on these two
> machines.  The machines I have had luck w/ all had Intel CPU Pentiums,
> and one Pentium !!!
> What this all boils down to is that I gotta be missing something here.
> Do AMD and Cyrix CPU require a special boot mode or something?
> Anyone experienced the same problem with AMD and Cyrix?

Negative. I have succesfully installed Potato on several flavors of i386
machines, including a dual Pentium (old Compaq Proliant), several
self-built systems (with Intel 486, AMD 486, Cyrix P166+, AMD K6-II, AMD
Athlon processor) and a notebook of unknown origin.

What Version of Debian are you using? Are you booting from the CD? Did
you provide any boot options to the kernel?

What is the error message?

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