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>>>>> On Sun, 11 Feb 2001 22:58:27 +0530
	USM Bish writes:

UB> How difficult is it to explain to the folk
UB> at unix,inc <info@listbank.ne.jp> the real
UB> procedure to unsubscribe to this list ?

I suggested them to unsubscribe this list by using web
But, if the wicked man used forwarding e-mail service,
it was so difficult for them to unsubscribe.

For example, the wicked man have e-mail address <A>
used for current, and have address <B> for forwarding
only. When he subscribed this list to address <B>, he 
passed confirmation by receiving confirmation e-mail at
address <A>. After him subscribing, he changed
destination from <A> to <unix,inc> and there was nothing
that they(unix,inc) could do.

UB> That will sort out their problems, as well
UB> as ours. I am still  receiving  mail  from
UB> them.

OK, I will try explaining to them again.

	Susumu Takuwa

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