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.procmailrc multiple actions

Is it possible to specify multiple "action" lines for any given 
procmail rule?

Like, say I want to achieve the following requirements:

o  rewrite the To: header field such that it will appear as what
   I rewrite it at the recepient.

o  do the same (or insert) a CC: header field.

o  then send it off to whoever's in the To: / CC: fields I just 

I have this, which doesn't do the job, though:

* ^From: Mail Delivery Subsystem
| (formail -I "To: user1@domain.com") |\
  (formail -I "CC: user2@domain.com, user3@domain.com") | $SENDMAIL -t

! admin@localhost

I suppose I need to rewrite Envelope headers, correct? How'd I go 
about doing that?


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