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Re: Apt cache file corrupt??

Hi Steven,

> I sucked down Sid the other night, and along the way one file
> failed to download, I was using 'apt-get -d' so I could monitor
> the update later.  So I grabbed this file, and a couple of others
> on a 'doze box at work and put them on a floppy, with the intention
> of using 'apt-cache add'.  But when I came to do this I got..
> E:Dynamic MMap ran out of room
> E:Problem with SelectFile
> This seems (to me!) to imply some kind of lack of memory (MMap??)
> So I made sure nothing much was running and tried again, but every
> subsequent apt-cache add came up with..

...maybe the reason is apt changed a lot in the version 0.5.x in sid, i
mean you made an upgrade to apt 0.5.x and the cache-files changed. then
you take the changed files to a box with the old apt-cache-files and it
didn't worked. just try to make an apt-get update on one other maschine,
do the upgrade and then try to copy the cache files between these two
machines, if it works you have the prob. (e.g. gnome-apt is removed when
upgrading apt because the cache files changed).
Just a hint, please inform me if i'm right :-)

Joris Mocka, Leiter Abt. IuK
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