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[no subject] binutils gold Bizzar error with dpkg-buildpackages Re: Bug#621082: RFS: imagemagick (updated package) creating new package without archive file (e.g. tar.gz) data has a longer lifetime than libraries that read the data;What package should own the data directory? Dearest one debhelper 7 and architecture dependent/independent packages debian- DM upload permissions in detail Re: docs are generated on all build machines dpkg-buildpackage -A vs make -f ./debian/rules build-indep env[HOME] issues [Fwd] Bug#621966: hasciicam: FTBFS: hasciicam.c Goa Trips and Tours gtkpod - build issue gtkpod orphaned Re: Guide on using debhelper / dh_dkms to build DKMS packages? Hello help creating a package (splitting a package and publishing it) help with gnuradio Help with lintian Re: How are directories managed? How are directories managed. introduction ITR: jansson - C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data LC_MESSAGES=C in debian/rules mrim-prpl sponsorship The msrp package nautic (1.2-1), ITP Bug #622760 (was: Re: request of sponsorship) On repackaging source, caused by GFDL-1.3. override_dh_auto_configure not called Override paths for the very latest lintian. Package consisting of a single data file. Resolvconf trigger? (Re: #567059) RFC/RFS: hg-fast-export Re: RFR: lebiniou RFS: 0ad Re: RFS: adms RFS: alure (updated package) RFS: animal-sniffer-parent RFS: ansifilter RFS: ardesia RFS: aspell-kk (a backport to squeeze) RFS: ax-emergency-listen RFS: b43-fwcutter RFS: BaseX - Native XML Database Re: RFS: blankon (updated package) Re: RFS: blockade upgrade Re: RFS: bluecove, bluecove-gpl RFS: bournal RFS: cd-discid (updated package) RFS: check-mk RFS: cl-launch, cl-asdf (updated packages) RFS: color RFS: cppcheck, new upstream version 1.48 RFS: cutmp3 RFS: (RC bugfixes) RFS: dacco (updated removed package) RFS: debconf-kde (ping) RFS: denyhosts RFS: doctrine (updated package) RFS: doctrine (updated package, 2nd try) RFS: downtimed (updated package) RFS: fdutils (updated package) RFS: flvmeta (updated package) RFS: frei0r (updated package) RFS: fribid Re: RFS: gdmap (adopting, updated package) RFS: gmult (updated package) Re: RFS: grub-customizer RFS: gvidm (updated package RFS: herculesstudio Re: RFS: hiredis - Minimalistic C client library for Redis RFS: imagemagick (updated package) RFS: ipt-netflow RFS: jansson - C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data RFS: joystick (updated package), evtest (new package, split off from joystick) RFS: kdocker RFS: ketchup (updated package, adopted) RFS: ketchup (updated package, adopting, 2nd try) RFS: l2tp-ipsec-vpn (updated package) RFS: lebiniou, lebiniou-data Re: RFS: LeechCraft (second try) RFS: libiwtan and iwtan-gui (2nd try) Re: RFS: mediadownloader (retry) RFS: mesk RFS: micro-inetd (updated package) RFS: mobile-broadband-provider-info (updated package) Re: RFS: mpd-sima (autoqueue MPD client, find similar artists to queue) RFS: mpg321 (updated package, 2nd try) RFS: mpg321 (updated package, 3rd try) RFS: myspell-el-gr (updated upstream) RFS: naev Re: RFS: nautilus-image-manipulator RFS: nglogc (updated package) RFS: opencsg and openscad RFS: out-of-order RFS: parallel RFS: pdnsd (updated package, RC bug fix) RFS: phing (another try) Re: RFS: piwik RFS: plowshare Re: RFS: pms (updated package) Re: RFS: polygraph RFS: preprocess Re: RFS: python-crypto (adopting package, fixes FTBFS) RFS: qdacco (updated package) Re: RFS: qmagneto RFS: quakespasm (2nd try) RFS: rgbpaint (updated package) RFS: ripit (updated package, upload to unstable only) RFS: Rodent Beta filemanager RFS: ruby-bundle RFS: ruby-debug RFS: rush (new package) RFS: sahi Re: RFS: sic (updated package/adoption) RFS: sludge RFS: sonic RFS: sparkline-php (updated package) RFS: spek (updated package) RFS: stx-btree (updated package) RFS: systemu Re: RFS: the mingw-w64 toolchain RFS: tinycalc RFS: tnat64 -- IPv4 to NAT64 redirector RFS: triggerhappy Re: RFS: ttylog (updated package) RFS: tucan (updated package) RFS: uptimed (updated package) RFS: uthash (updated package) RFS: webhoneypot (2nd try) RFS: webhoneypot (3rd try) RFS: weboob RFS: whatmask RFS: winefish RFS: wmmixer RFS: xastir (updated package) RFS: xbae RFS: xlog (updated package) RFS: xmem: fixes FTBFS RFS: x-tile Script to create pool mirror with more then one release SPAMing from my email address sshfs could use a version bump. subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 1 Upstream ChangeLog in PDF documentation /usr/include/linux/videodev.h what is wrong with dpkg-shlibdeps What naming scheme should be used for the Swiss Ephemeris? Re: What naming scheme should be used for the Swiss Ephemeris? What to do about the situation with id3v2 The last update was on 17:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 466 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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