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Re: RFS: nautilus-image-manipulator

Hi Stefano,

2011/4/19 Stefano Rivera <stefanor@debian.org>:
> Drop the unnecessary preinst (it's a new package, not one migrating from
> pycentral to pysupport).


> Drop the unecessary unexports from debian/rules.

Are all the unexports unnecessary? I currently have those (set
automatically by stdeb 0.5.1):

# Unset the environment variables set by dpkg-buildpackage. (This is
# necessary because distutils is brittle with compiler/linker flags
# set. Specifically, packages using f2py will break without this.)
unexport CPPFLAGS
unexport CFLAGS
unexport CXXFLAGS
unexport FFLAGS
unexport LDFLAGS

In the meantime, I've removed them all and everything still builds OK.

> I'd suggest breaking the dh_install && into two lines (make will fail if
> any line fails)


> Instead of your auto_build and auto_install overrides, I'd simply do:
> override_dh_auto_install:
>        dh_auto_install -- --install-lib=/usr/share/nautilus-image-manipulator \
>                           --install-scripts=/usr/share/nautilus-image-manipulator


>> I see that dpkg-gencontrol (from dh_gencontrol) complains that both
>> ${shlibs:Depends} and ${python:Provides} are unknown. Should those be
>> removed from debian/control?
> Yes, sounds sensible.
> Especially Provides: ${python:Provides} (the Debian python policy
> explains what it's for, although rather poorly)

Both removed, done.

>> (or might something currently be broken in sid?
> Indeed, I'm guessing you ran into the Python 2.7 transition which just
> kicked off. Looks like you need to wait for python-gtk2 to be rebuilt,
> build in a wheezy chroot / pbuilder until then.

Indeed, builds fine in a wheezy chroot.

Package updated and uploaded, please review.


P.S.: Please CC me since I'm not subscribed to the mentors list.

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