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Re: RFS: grub-customizer

Hi Sven,

Am Dienstag, den 26.04.2011, 15:16 +0200 schrieb Sven Hoexter: 
> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 08:30:05PM +0200, Daniel Richter wrote:
> I've been asked some time ago to take a look at this package. I'm still
> not sure if I'd really like to sponsor it. I'm not sure how exactly we
> handle software which edits rather vital configuration files

Hmm… there's already a package called "startupmanager" in the
repository, which also edits some grub configuration files…

> * There's a debian/patches/debian-changes-2.1-1 in the package which looks
>   a bit scarry with all those XML in it. Looks like mostly Eclipse meta
>   data except for grub-customizer-2.1/src/config.h.
>   Ideally get rid of it. IMHO the .project directory shouldn't be part of
>   the upstream release.

Oh, you're right. I already removed the eclipse files on the base
directory… but forgot this one :-(

> * Why urgency=medium? There's no reason for it.

Oops, this may been medium because of the PPA I provide - there's a
longer history ;-)

> * You should be safe with a debhelper compat level 8.

I did so, but now the lintian installed on mentors, warns me because of
this :-/

> * There's a spurious debhelper.log, just delete it.


> * The last number in the standards-version can be omitted, should be now
>   3.9.2. Please read the upgrade-checklist when updating.


> * I currently don't see a reason why you depend on 'menu' but maybe I've
>   missed something.

"menu" provides the su-to-root command.
I need it to place an entry into the menu which runs this application as
superuser without depending on gksu or similar… a recommendation of

> * The watch file doesn't work.

Oops, there's still "2.0". I changed it to 2.1 now. Hope it works…

> * Since there are copyright notes for the translations, please note them
>   in debian/copyright.

Ok, I added these lines:

Files: translations/*
Copyright (c) 2010 Rosetta Contributors and Canonical Ltd 2010
License: GPL-3+

> * Please avoid the direct linking where possible, usually some LDFLAGS
>   should be enough. (see the dpkg-shlibdeps warnings at the end of the build)

This depends on gtkmm. I'm using "pkg-config --libs gtkmm-2.4`. Do you
think I shouldn't use this command? I also search on the Internet and
found such a question inside a forum - Answer (similar): "ignore it"

> * If this tool is only compatible with grub2 maybe the .desktop file
>   should talk about grub2 instead of grub? (I've no idea about the
>   official terminology used by the grub devs)

You mean the description? Hmm, you're right. I should change this.


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