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RFC/RFS: hg-fast-export

Hi all.

I've packaged hg-fast-export (ITP#574914), it is uploaded to
and http://git.debian.org/?p=collab-maint/hg-fast-export.git;a=summary

I've seeking not only a sponsor, but, more importantly, any comments. The
package is used incrementally import/convert Mercurial repositories to git
and I've packaged it to be able to store upstream hg history in a git.d.o
repository. If there are more comfortable ways to do that, I'd be glad to
use them.

If there is no such ways, this package looks very useful to many people
who also want to store upstream history in git (there was a small thread
on -devel@ several days ago about this). In this case I do not want to
upload a low-quality package so I want reviews or even maintainership

Here is short tutorial for the mentioned use case:

hg clone http://hgrepo/ ~/hg/foo
mkdir ~/git/foo; cd ~/git/foo
git init
hg-fast-export -r ~/hg/foo -o upstream

Now we have upstream branches as upstream/branchname git branches and
upstream tags as git tags. To import newer commits, one does hg pull in
~/hg/foo and repeats hg-fast-export invocation in ~/git/foo.


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