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Re: RFS: 0ad


Vincent Cheng <vincentc1208@gmail.com> writes:
> - package libenet1.2, and replace 0ad's build dependency on
> libenet-dev with this new package

We just got rid of enet 1.2 in testing a few days ago and I prefer to
have just a single version per release to care about (instead of
doubling the number of possible versions from five to ten).

For Ubuntu users, upstream could include the newer enet in their PPA.
The packages containing the library itself are co-installable, only the
-dev packages for enet 1.2 and 1.3 are not.

I don't know how to best handle other distributions, but doesn't
upstream have to bundle enet anyway for Windows and Mac OS X users?

> - package libmozjs185, and remove the spidermonkey code that's
> currently in the source tarball (this could be deferred until alpha 5
> is released, since according to Philip, 0 A.D. hasn't been ported to
> work with it yet; for now, I guess we'll have to leave the
> spidermonkey code embedded in the source tarball)

I suggest to ask the maintainers' of libmozjs-dev how they think about


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