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Re: RFS: nautilus-image-manipulator


> When running with pbuilder on my Ubuntu machine it uses the same 
> version of lintian, so I get the same warning message. I will thus 
> install Debian to use pbuilder from that.

I also run with pbuilder (mind you, I build with pdebuild) but if the
target in your changelog is unstable, "pbuilder create" will create a
sid tarball and build in sid. During one of the pdebuild phases I
automatically run lintian which is than from sid.

>> Remove it in your clean target and it will not get included in the 
>> patch. Make the patch as clean as possible, that is easier for
>> review.
> Can you please point me to a resource how to "[r]emove it in [my] 
> clean target"?

Adding a file debian/clean with the name of the file in it should do it.

> Would I have to add that in debian/rules?

That is an other option, but I like the clean file more.

> How can I make sure that I will only remove this change to the
> translation file, an not any [future] potential valid change?

If the .pot file is generated, make sure that your valid change goes
into the source of the .pot file. If you really want to make the change
in the .pot file, just create the patch "manually".


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