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Re: RFS: denyhosts


> Thanks for the comments.

Your welcome.

> I have reviewed the available patches from the
> BTS and included them in my package. I will continue to work on the
> other open bugs for this package. Also, I have fixed the lintian issues
> on this package.

Just a very quick view: please consider registering on alioth.d.o for
the collab-maint team and continue to maintain the packaging there. If
you don't want to do it there, than please at least consider setting up
a public viewable vcs somewhere else and let the us (the collab-maint
team) know that denyhosts can be closed. I don't yet know the procedure,
but keeping it there if it moved somewhere else seems pointless except
for historical purposes.

> This version would close 4 open bugs if uploaded.

Would be nice to mention the bug numbers in your mail for convenience. I
will have a look tonight again and see if I have more comments.


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