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Re: RFS: nautilus-image-manipulator

Hi Julien,

I have started the package over from scratch, using the resource you
mentioned in [0]. I have added some files I already had from my
previous packaging intent (like for the manpage and the watch file).
I have used pbuilder, and it seems to me that all needed build
dependencies are correctly addressed.
I have uploaded the updated package, and here are some points about
it. I'd appreciate if you could have a look at it.

I currently only get one Lintian warning:

W: nautilus-image-manipulator source: newer-standards-version 3.9.1
(current is 3.8.4)
N:    The source package refers to a Standards-Version which is newer than the
N:    highest one lintian is programmed to check. If the source package is
N:    correct, then please upgrade lintian to the newest version. (If there is
N:    no newer lintian version, then please bug lintian-maint@debian.org to
N:    make one.)
N:    Severity: normal, Certainty: certain

That's due to the Lintian version I have on my Ubuntu 10.04
workstation, which is not the most recent (2.3.4ubuntu2). What are the
consequences of not running the latest version of Lintian? How do we
go about this? Should I have sid in a VM somewhere to package my

I addressed 2 of your original comments [0]:
  * You should check your package against the latest Debian Policy (3.9.1)
    and update debian/control accordingly

  * You should use a private directory for your python module, eg.
    /usr/share/nautilus-image-manipulator/ - please have a look at this
    excellent tutorial [0]. You should also use dh_python2

Well, after reading again, I'm not sure about using dh_python2 since I
don't see it back in debuild's output (but I do see dh_pysupport). Can
you direct me to the way you were thinking about?

Probably related, what's up with the file
/usr/share/python-support/nautilus-image-manipulator.private ? Is this
needed in case dh_python2 is used?

Regarding your other comment:
  * You have an unwanted patch in debian/patches which was automatically
    added by the 3.0 (quilt) source format

This patch gets created automatically when running debuild, because
the .pot file gets generated again. How can I prevent this, and is it
a big problem (after all, the .mo files need to be compiled before
packaging, so I'm not sure this should be a problem).

As a side note, should the .pot (translation template) be included in
the binary package? It is currently not.

When running debc nautilus-image-manipulator_0.2-1_i386.changes I get
the following line (it's in French but I know you understand it;) )
nouveau paquet Debian, version 2.0.
Which means "new Debian package, version 2.0."

For my understanding, shouldn't it say version 3? Isn't that related
to the value set in the debian/source/format file?

Thanks for your efforts,

[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2011/03/msg00384.html

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